ARA: Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Antwerp
bn: Billion
EU: European Union
Europe: European inland navigation in this report includes two countries that do not belong to the European Union – Switzerland and Serbia
Freight rate: Price at which a cargo is delivered from one point to another
GDP: Gross Domestic Product
IWT: Inland Waterways Transport
IWW: Inland Waterways
Loading degree: Percentage of maximum vessel loading
Mio: Million
MTOE: Million Tonnes of Oil Equivalent
NOx: Collective term for nitrogen oxides
OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
PM: Particular Matter Emissions arising due to combustion or wear and tear
Q1: First Quarter
Rhine countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Switzerland
RWI/ISL Container Throughput Index: Index of worldwide container throughput in ports
Tank-to-wheel emissions: Emissions arising from fuel combustion during vehicle use
TEU: Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (unit for container volume)
TKM: Tonne-Kilometer (unit for transport performance which represents volume of goods transported multiplied by transport distance)
Traditional Rhine: Rhine from Basel to the border between the Netherlands and Germany
Turnover: Sales volume net of sales taxes
Waterside goods traffic: Loading or unloading activity in ports, which includes inland vessels
Well-to-tank emissions: Emissions arising during extraction, transport and refinery of fuels or during electric power generation and transmission
Well-to-wheel emissions: The sum of well-to-tank and tank-to wheel emissions

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